Stainless steel price rise imminenet as nickel strengthens

A 20 per cent jump in nickel prices in just over a month has made  Indian stainless steel  manufacturers  consider raising  their prices . India is totally reliant on  imports for its supply of Nickel with  aproximatly 40,000  tonnes per anum being imported , Stainless steel grade 304 has between 8% and 14% Nickel so any price rice in Nickel has an imeediate effect on the costings of finished products. Stainless Steel surcharges in the UK and Europe are confirmed to be up for May as Nickel reaches $18225 per tonne up from $15750 at the beginning of the month

Japan stainless steel production up 12% in January

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry  published figures for Stainless Steel production for the First month of 2014 show the quantity of stainless steel hot rolled products  in January  was 254,372 tonnes which is a slight improvement of 0.6% on the previous month and an increase of just over 12% on January 2013.


via Japanese production of stainless steel in Jan surges by12% YoY.

Employees steal Stainless Steel Coil Worth $600,000

Employee steels Stainless Steel worth $600,000 Tue, 29 Apr 2014 04:47:17 GMT

A steel worker accused of steeling and disposing of Stainless Steel worth $600,000 from Hranec sheet metal inc wants the case agianst him  dismissed under Rule 600 otherwise known as the speedy trial rule. Hranrec is located in Fayette County in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. The 365 day trail deadline expired on March 13.

State police said four of Hranec’s former employees stole $600,000 worth of new, coiled stainless steel between June 29, 2009, and May 9, 2011. According to a criminal complaint, the men sold the stainless steel to a scrap yard in Jefferson township called  Metalico Brownsville, .



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India alleges stainless steel grade 304 dumping by China

India alleges stainless steel grade 304 dumping by China, Sat, 26 Apr 2014 20:38:04 GMT

The Chinese Stainless Steel industry is again at the centre of unfair trade allegations, this time for allegidly dumping grade 304 stainless steel bar into the Indian market. The scandall centres around allegations by Jindal Stainless Ltd India’s largest producer of stainless steel.

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